Regeneration of East Whitlawburn

Date Posted: November 15, 2018

Due to falling demand, high turnover and the unpopularity of the housing stock in East Whitlawburn, South Lanarkshire Council has decided to demolish the East Whitlawburn estate and build new houses on the site. South Lanarkshire Council has chosen West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative as its preferred Social Landlord of choice to partner South Lanarkshire Council in this significant regeneration and transformation project. West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative is delighted to participate in this exciting initiative.

South Lanarkshire Council has now identified it’s preferred contractor to carry out the demolition and new build programme. SLC has chosen CCG, a Cambuslang based contractor, as its preferred developer to lead the circa £42m contract.

At this time the project plan is :-

  • Empty the majority of the SLC East Whitlawburn housing stock by March 2019.
  • Commence the demolition process as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Build around 300 new homes, probably a mix of terraced, semi-detached and flats. Approximately 200 of these will be for social rent with approximately 100 for owner occupation.
  • West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative will take ownership of a proportion of these new houses for social rent. Possibly around 50 of the new properties will be owned by West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative.
  • South Lanarkshire Council estimate that 100 houses will be completed by March 2021, with the remainder following thereafter.
  • The cost of the project is estimated currently at around £42 million.

We are aware that the planned works will cause some inevitable noise and disruption over a period of time and we will work closely with South Lanarkshire Council and the contractor to minimise any problems. We are looking forward to working with South Lanarkshire Council to create a far better future for East Whitlawburn.

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