High Levels of Tenant Satisfaction Reported

Date Posted: May 29, 2014

A survey conducted on our behalf has revealed tremendously high levels of tenant satisfaction across all areas of our services.

The survey, completed by a record number of our tenants, showed that 96 per cent of tenants are very satisfied or satisfied with the overall services provided by WWHC.

A total of 81 per cent of tenants are happy with their ability to participate in WWHC’s decision making processes while 96 per cent of tenants feel that WWHC is good at keeping tenants informed.

The survey also revealed that 83 per cent of tenants feel their rent represents good value for money, 92 per cent of tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home and that 94 per cent of tenants are satisfied with The Co-operative’s repairs service.

Paul Farrell, director of WWHC, said: “By any measure these are tremendously positive results. This is the acid test of what we do. The most important people, our tenants, have given us a resounding endorsement that all our efforts are proving to be enormously successful for our tenants.”

Susan Anderson, The Co-operative’s chairperson, added: “It is a real delight to know that our tenants think so highly of the services and the quality of housing WWHC provides. This at a time when resources are very limited, is a huge testimony to the hard work of our Committee and staff. We will strive to continue to deliver such high quality housing and services in the future.”

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