Emergency Planning – Covid19

Date Posted: March 13, 2020

As you would expect the WWHC Management Committee and Senior Staff Team are advancing our emergency plan in relation to possible scenarios and consequences of this, unprecedented situation which is rapidly unfolding.

We are progressing plans for three possible scenarios:

1) Scenario 1 – Possible closure of our main office, the Concierge station, and/or Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre.

2) Scenario 2 – Operating services with a considerably depleted staff team.

3) Scenario 3 – Operating with a reduced staff team or at normal sickness levels.

We are receiving and filtering a wide range of information on this rapidly changing situation from Government and NHS sources.

In scenarios 1 and 2 above there could be a serious reduction in services which we will be able to offer to you. Our plan in those circumstances would be to deal with very urgent or emergency situations, as best we can, as they arise.

It is our intention to keep you fully notified of the unfolding impact on WWHC, and our services to you.

From your own personal and household health perspective, following widely published NHS information on these matters is strongly advised at this time.

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