District Heating

The district heating system which supplies domestic heat and hot water is installed in:

All Multi-Storey Flats, Low Rise, Albany Terrace, Belmont Road, Clifton Terrace, Hilton Terrace

The system is supplied from the Energy Centre located behind Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre. The Energy Centre heats water through a biomass (wood chip) fuelled 740kW (685kW continuous output) boiler which is then pumped around the district heating network providing heat and hot water. The boiler operates in conjunction with a 50,000 litre thermal store. There are three gas boilers providing top-up heat for times of peak demand and resilience to the system.

The system also makes a significant contribution to carbon emission reduction targets and is forecast to provide lifetime carbon savings of 48,600 tonnes of CO2 that count towards the ECO Carbon Savings Communities Obligation. The system was installed in 2014/15 to replace the electric storage and panel heating which was expensive, inefficient and nearing the end of its life.

If you have any difficulties with the heating and hot water system please contact the Property Services Section at the office. 

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