Our Committee

West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative is fully mutual with charitable status. All of our tenants are members, and only our tenants can be members.

Membership gives the right to:

  • Vote for the Management Committee
  • Stand for election to the Management Committee
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and vote on appropriate items
  • Attend emergency or special general meetings

WWHC is run by a Committee of unpaid voluntary members, who are elected by the members. All Management Committee members are tenants in West Whitlawburn.

They control the Co-operative’s business by:

  • Setting the policies to be followed by the staff
  • Making sure that the staff carry out the legal and financial responsibilities of the Co-operative
  • Allowing staff to carry out the decisions of the Management Committee and run the day-to-day business of the Co-operative

Committee Members

Our Management Committee were elected following our Annual General Meeting on 4th September 2017.

Anne Anderson, Chairperson
Susan Anderson, Vice Chairperson
Muriel Alcorn, Treasurer
Andy Duffin, Secretary

Cheryl Burnett, Elizabeth Kerr, Helen Anderson, Muriel M Alcorn, William Glover.

If you are a tenant and are interested in becoming a Committee Member, please contact the office on 0141 641 8628.