Welcome to West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative

Our offices are closed to the public until further notice. Please click here for more information.

We are a fully mutual housing co-operative with charitable status. All of our tenants are members of the Co-operative. We have 644 properties in management and are located in Whitlawburn, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.

Mission Statement

West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative will provide high quality housing and services at affordable rents, and will promote community and environmental sustainability.

Strategic Aims

  • To provide high quality housing and services, at affordable rents, for people in housing need.
  • To ensure local people are fully involved in the improvement and management of their homes
  • To be an employer of choice.
  • To address social and economic inequalities and exclusion in West Whitlawburn.
  • To support West Whitlawburn in being a strong, stable community.

Strategic Objectives 2018 – 2021

1. Support members/tenants in the current economic environment and mitigate
the impacts of Welfare Benefit Reforms
2. Develop and implement our Community Development Strategy
3. Support all tenants in West Whitlawburn in having successful tenancies
4. Work with South Lanarkshire Council to regenerate East Whitlawburn
5. Increase member involvement by actively engaging members and applying ICA principles


The manner in which we meet our objectives is demonstrated through our attitude

  • We should treat people well and as we would expect to be treated.
  • We should adopt a sympathetic and understanding approach in all we do.
  • We should be calm and non-confrontational in all we do.
  • We should adopt a positive and cheerful approach to our work.
  • We should be conscientious and hard working
  • We should be mutually supportive to all colleagues, especially in difficult times.


WWHC embraces the International Co-operative Alliance principles of:

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, training and information
  • Co-operation amongst co-operatives
  • Concern for community

We hope that you will find the information on the website useful and informative.

We are keen to ensure that the site meets our users needs. If you have any suggestions on how it can be improved please feel free to let us know. You can do this through the Contact Us section.