Friendly and Emergency Credit

Friendly Credit

What Is Friendly Credit?
Friendly Credit periods are specified times during each day and specific days (e.g. bank holidays, New Year etc) where your vPro meter will not stop your heat energy supply if your credit runs out.

During the friendly credit period you will still be charged for your heat, and when you next top up, your payment will be applied to pay for the friendly credit first.

Once the friendly credit period has finished and you have no credit, your heat supply will be stopped until you top up enough to pay for more than any friendly credit used.

Emergency Credit

Emergency credit provides a temporary amount of credit in case you are unable to top up and your credit is about to run out. The low credit alarm will sound when no credit is remaining on the system and an alert is provided at the bottom of your In-Home Display. Please click this alert and press OK to confirm that you accept the emergency credit. You can also enable Emergency Credit through the Heat Usage Account Screen.

The amount of emergency credit that is available is fixed at £5.00. When you next top up, your emergency credit fund will be topped up first so please top up more than the emergency credit.

Top Ups

If your automated top up has not taken place within a reasonable amount of time you can enter the vend code directly. Simply select HEAT on your vPro unit and you can enter your vend code using the touch screen key pad.

If you have topped up by PayPoint your 20 digit vend code will be printed on your receipt. The payment card is unique to your meter so there is no risk of losing any credit if you lose your card. You can still top up without your payment card by using the unique payment card reference number. It would be useful for you to keep a note of this.

If you top up by any other method then you will receive the vend code directly to your mobile phone by SMS or alternatively you can contact vPro Customer Services on 0845 519 5099 (Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm).