District Heating FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Hot Water

The hot water is heated directly from the mains and not in a storage tank.

The hot water temperature is set at 55oC except at the bath where a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) has been fitted which is set at 48oC as an anti-scald measure.

Your hot water is heated at a certain flow rate and if the water passes through too quickly it doesn’t get time to heat up and this is why your water may begin to turn cold. In order to prevent your water from going cold all you need to do is to close your tap slightly so that the flow of water is reduced to a moderate level. You will quickly notice that your water temperature will increase.

Does having my heating on or off affect my hot water supply?

No, your heating and hot water operate completely separately from one another. Your hot water works ‘on demand’ at any time as long as you have credit, which you can check by looking at your vPro display screen.

Why do I have two meters?

Normally heating/hot water and domestic electricity are supplied separately, electricity on one meter and heating/hot water on another.

This is the case in your property as you are connected to the district heating system. Your domestic electricity supply is recorded on your electric meter while your district heating/hot water is recorded on your heating meter.

Why has no one been out to read my meter?

The heating meters are smart meters. This means that the meter reading is sent to vPro every day and therefore a manual reading does not need to be taken.

Why do I have to pay a daily standing charge?

The standing charge covers the cost of operating and maintaining the whole heat network including the equipment in the on-site energy centre, and the pipes and equipment inside your property. It also covers the customer service and assistance available to you.

Everyone pays a standing charge on their utility bills no matter who the provider is.

I will be going out of my property for a period of time and won’t be around to top up my meter – what can I do?

You can top up your meter as much as you choose, up to the meter’s credit limit of £300.00. For example if you know that you will be out of the property for a two week period you could choose to top up before you go away to ensure that there is enough money to cover the standing charge in your absence.

If you did not do this in advance you would need to cover the charges for the two week period and add additional credit for your on-going consumption when you got back to enable the heating to come back on again.

What temperature do you recommend I set my thermostat to?

Your thermostat is located on the wall in your living room. The World Health Organisation’s recommended temperature range for comfort in living areas is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. This can increase up to 23 degrees Celsius for the elderly and infirm. This is only a guideline and you can set the thermostat to the temperature that you feel most comfortable at; but please be aware that setting the temperature above this recommended range will cost you more.

I have set the thermostat to 20 degrees Celsius but the heating has not come on. Why?

The thermostat monitors the internal temperature in the house and puts the heating on and off accordingly. So if you have the thermostat set to 20 degrees Celsius but the heating has not come on (and your heating programmer is set to ‘ON’) this means that the current internal temperature in your home is at least that warm already. If the temperature in your home dropped below 20 degrees the heating would come back on again.

What happens if I lose my payment cards or they are stolen?

The card is unique to your meter so there is no risk of losing any credit. Just contact the WWHC office and we will arrange a replacement card for you.

You can still top up without your payment card by using the unique payment card reference number. If you don’t have a note of it you can contact vPro Customer Services on 0845 519 5099 (Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm) or if you contact the WWHC office we can call on your behalf.

What happens if I lose my receipt before I’ve been able to key the code into the meter?

There is a record of every top-up you make and the vend code can be re-issued by calling 0845 519 5099 (Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm) or if you contact the WWHC office we can call on your behalf.

Can I see how much heat I have consumed?

Your In-Home Display can show you information on how you have historically consumed heat by tapping on “Usage History”. You will be able to see your consumption data for up to the last 12 months.

Can I check my environmental impact?

Yes. By tapping “CO2> Heat” on the Main Menu screen you can see information about your carbon emissions. This will give you a range of data including your monthly and yearly CO2 emissions.