District Heating Charges

The Co-operative provides services on a not for profit basis. The price you pay for heating is based on the number of Units (kWh) used and a standing charge.

The charges are calculated to cover the costs of making the supply and to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to carry out necessary maintenance, cyclical repairs and replacement.

Prices are fixed until 1st April 2017.

The tariff information in your Heat Supply Agreement is broken down as follows:

  Cost VAT @ 5% Total
Heat/Hot Water 9 pence/kWh 0.45 pence 9.45 pence/kWh
Standing Charge 39.45 pence/day 1.97 pence 41.42 pence/day

The heat charge will vary depending on use and covers the cost of items like the fuel delivery and supply.

The standing charge is a set cost which covers items such as metering and maintenance costs.

The standing charge is payable from the date you are issued with keys to the property.