Community Wellbeing Line

A new helpline is now available for individuals living in South Lanarkshire who are self-isolating/vulnerable and whose usual support network is no longer available.   

The helpline will help people to access food and other essential supplies.  The Community Engagement Team within South Lanarkshire Council have been working  along with VASLAN to collate activity which is happening within communities, and to make contact with new groups and networks which are developing in response to the current situation. 

Community volunteers are playing a key role in supporting the people around them.  This includes helping transport essential goods such as food to people who cannot leave their home, carrying out welfare checks where there was a concern expressed about the wellbeing of someone, and offering telephone befriending to those who are isolated. 

The helpline number is 0303 123 1009 and the opening hours are as follows:-

Monday to Thursday 8.45 – 4.45
Friday 8.45 – 4.15
Saturday and Sunday 8.45 – 4.45

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Office Closed – Public Holiday

The office will be closed from 4.45 pm on Thursday, 9th April 2020. It will re-open for telephone calls at 9.15 am on Tuesday, 14th April 2020.

Tenants who need to report an emergency repair can contact Concierge via their handsets or by telephoning 0141 646 1924.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

We wrote to all tenants last week and matters have moved on considerably since then.

We are now focussing on 3 main  objectives.

  1. Protecting vulnerable tenant/members/staff.
  2. Helping reduce the spread of the virus.
  3. Progressing scenarios 1 and 2 in my previous letter i.e. a reduction in staff resources which will lead to a reduction in services WWHC provides currently.

We have now closed WWHC Offices, Concierge Building and Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre to public access until further notice and we are currently only dealing with essential matters, emergencies and urgent repairs.

We would ask that you do the following:

  1. If you, or a neighbour, are over 70 years of age or have diabetes, asthma, cancer, a heart condition, qualify for a free flu jab, pregnant and have no or limited support please let us know. We will do our best to support vulnerable tenant/member/families at this difficult time.
  2. Please only contact WWHC office/concierge/Whitlawburn CRC if urgent and if you need to contact us please do so via your handset, telephone,  email or by letter rather than visiting the office/concierge/Whitlawburn community resource centre, at this time.
  3. Please let us know if you or any member of your household are self isolating or are diagnosed with coronavirus/covid-19 if you are calling us to request any urgent service.
  4. Please appreciate that WWHC staff resources will be stretched very thinly, possibly for a considerable period of time and we may not be as responsive as we normally are.
  5. Please follow widely publicised NHS advice on all matters relating to this crisis.

At a crisis time such as this we are sure WWHC tenants/members committee/staff/contractors will pull together to help each other reduce the difficulties we are all facing.

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Office Closed to Visitors

Our offices are closed to the public following advice from the government and the NHS. We have stopped all non-vital tenant home visits, appointments, and meetings with outside sources for the foreseeable future.

We will maintain essential services and respond to emergencies as best we can. We continue to monitor the situation.

You can continue to contact staff by phone on 0141 641 8628, by email, and you can of course contact concierge using your handset.

Tenants and customers should let us know if they have been told to self-isolate or are displaying symptoms – dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath – so that we can advise staff and contractors.

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Emergency Planning – Covid19

As you would expect the WWHC Management Committee and Senior Staff Team are advancing our emergency plan in relation to possible scenarios and consequences of this, unprecedented situation which is rapidly unfolding.

We are progressing plans for three possible scenarios:

1) Scenario 1 – Possible closure of our main office, the Concierge station, and/or Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre.

2) Scenario 2 – Operating services with a considerably depleted staff team.

3) Scenario 3 – Operating with a reduced staff team or at normal sickness levels.

We are receiving and filtering a wide range of information on this rapidly changing situation from Government and NHS sources.

In scenarios 1 and 2 above there could be a serious reduction in services which we will be able to offer to you. Our plan in those circumstances would be to deal with very urgent or emergency situations, as best we can, as they arise.

It is our intention to keep you fully notified of the unfolding impact on WWHC, and our services to you.

From your own personal and household health perspective, following widely published NHS information on these matters is strongly advised at this time.

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