Our Staff

We have just over 40 staff who work in the following areas:

  • Directorate and Wider Action;
  • Tenancy Services;
  • Operations, including property services;
  • Corporate Services;
  • Concierge.

Management Team

  • Paul Farrell, Director
  • Stephanie Marshall, Depute Director
  • Roz Haughey, Assistant Director (Tenancy Services)
  • Morag Gladstone, Assistant Director (Corporate Services) (Temporary)
  • Grant Clayton, Assistant Director (Property Services)
  • Raymond Smith, Concierge Manager
  • Stephanie McPeake, Community Development Co-ordinator

Tenancy Services

  • Roz Haughey, Assistant Director (Tenancy Services)
  • Teresa Burns, Housing Officer
  • Kerry Anne Elder, Housing Officer
  • Margaret Anne Mclean, Housing Officer
  • Lauren Miller, Housing Officer
  • Fiona Heeps, Housing Assistant
  • Kirstie McLean, Housing Assistant

Property Services

  • Grant Clayton, Assistant Director (Property Services)
  • Jeanette McGrory, Property Officer
  • David Kinloch, Property Maintenance Officer
  • Kathleen Nisanci, Property Assistant
  • Samantha Lester, Property Assistant
  • Joanna Pawlukowska, Property Assistant

Corporate Services

  • Morag Gladstone, Assistant Director (Corporate Services)
  • Ewan Taylor, I.T. Officer
  • Susan Paton, Projects Officer
  • John Dunn, Finance Assistant
  • Noreen Currie, Finance / Reception Assistant
  • Margaret Molloy, Reception Assistant
  • Jane Murray, Reception Assistant

Concierge Services

  • Raymond Smith, Concierge Manager
  • Stevie Blackwood, Senior Concierge Officer
  • Robert Porter, Senior Concierge Officer
  • Dougie McIntosh, Concierge Officer
  • Peter Wells, Concierge Officer
  • Alex Black, Senior Concierge Officer
  • Danny Borland, Concierge Officer
  • Sammy Smith, Concierge Officer
  • Martha Floyd, Concierge Officer
  • Martin Cunning, Senior Concierge Officer (Temporary)
  • Billy Clark, Concierge Officer
  • Marc Ross, Concierge Officer
  • Craig Crawford, Senior Concierge Officer
  • Davie Thomas, Concierge Officer
  • Rab Fellowes, Concierge Officer (Temporary)
  • Billy Pender, Concierge Officer (Temporary)